Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is primarily an anti-corrosive element. Stainless steel has been developed to resist a number of corrosive environments. It ensures that our food preparation surfaces are hygienic. It is also an earth friendly material; it can be melted down, recycled and made into something else and it does not catch magnet.

What is the difference between Steel and Stainless Steel?

♦ Steel is a combination of iron and carbon whereas stainless steel is the combination of chromium and carbon
♦Steel can corrode fast whereas stainless steel is anti corrosive.
♦Due to its ease of fabrication, aesthetic appeal and hygienic properties stainless steel is commonly used in small objects like cookware, hospital appliances, surgical instruments, and pharmaceutical processing facilities.

What are the properties of Stainless Steel?

It is a highly durable Iron base alloy with a minimum of 10.5 or 11% chromium content by mass, designed for resistance to corrosion and/or oxidation. Stainless steel usually contains less than 30% chromium and more than 50% iron. Carbon is usually present in amounts ranging from less than 0.03% to over 1.0% in certain martensitic grades. Some grades may also contain other alloying elements like nickel, molybdenum, copper, titanium, aluminium, silicon, niobium, nitrogen, sulphur and selenium to enhance specific characteristics.

What are the different grades of Stainless Steel?

There are so many grades of Stainless Steel. Each grade has a specific purpose and use in a specific industry. Given below is a table of grades and their use in the industries

S.No. Stainless Steel Grade 200 Series 300 Series 400 Series
1. Manganese Content 5.5% to 10% 2% max 1.5% max
2. Nickel Content 1% to 6% 6% to 22% 1.5 % max
3. Chromium Content 15.5% to 19% 16% to 26% 10.5 % to 19 %
4. Iron & Other Minerals Rest Rest Rest
5. Key End Uses
  • ♦Utensils and other Household goods.
  • ♦Kitchen Appliances.
  • ♦Furniture
  • ♦Tubes & Pipes.
  • ♦Architecture
  • ♦Decorative.
  • ♦Automobiles.
  • ♦Railways.
  • ♦Transport.
All uses specified in The 200 series. In addition the following:
  • ♦Refineries.
  • ♦Petrochemicals.
  • ♦Diary.
  • ♦High Temp Applications such as electric Furnaces etc.
  • ♦Nuclear Plants.
  • ♦Razor Blades.
  • ♦Exhaust Systems for automobiles.
  • ♦Railway Coaches and wagons.
  • ♦Coinage.

What are the most commonly used grades for Stainless Steel Furniture?

There are two most commonly used grades a) SS 202 and b) SS 304

What is the difference between SS 304 and SS 202 grades?

Here is the small table that gives the properties of these grades.

S.No. Contents SS 202 Grade SS 304 Grade
1 Nickel 0.5% - 1% 8% - 10.5%
2 Chromium 16% - 18% 18% - 20%
3 Carbon 0.12 0.08
4 Manganese 5.5% - 7.5% 2%

The higher the Nickel content, it is better anti corrosive. Hence SS 304 is better anti-corrosive than SS 202

How do I choose which grade is best for me?

Firstly we will determine the purpose of product that you are using for and will suggest the appropriate grade for you. If the items are in contact with water most or all the time, then SS 304 is recommended. The place of your stay also plays an important role in choosing the grade. For eg: if you are situated near sea area, the SS 202 would be a wrong option as the metal corrodes easily

What is Food Grade material?

SS 304 is compulsory used for all the food based equipments.

What is the Gauge?

Gauge is thickness of the sheet or pipe.

What are the different types of gauges?

There are three different types a) Standard Wire Gauge (SWG) b) Birmingham Wire Gauge (BG) c) American wire Gauge (AWG)

What are different types of finish that are available?

There are two types of Finish that are available a) Gloss b) Matt

What is the difference between Gloss and Matt?

♦ Gloss finish will have a shiny look and Matt doesn’t. Matt has a brushed look
♦ Gloss is prone to scratches and they are easily seen.
♦ Since Gloss is shiny,the maintenance would be more compared to Matt.

What are different types of Stainless Steel pipes?

There are four different types that we use for our furniture items
a) Round Pipes
b) Square Pipes
c) Rectangular Pipes and
d) Capsule Pipes